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Your fingers intertwined, 
the wind in your hair 
& sand between your toes.
Reading your handwritten vows
& wiping away each others tears 
as they stream down your cheeks. 
Celebrating your love, 
surrounded by the ones 
you love most. 

Throwing away the rules. 
Breaking tradition,
and choosing to honor 
what's most meaningful
& true to you.

Your love story is so 
much more than a 
one-day wedding event. 
It's an ever-unfolding adventure. 
It's a lifetime of laughter, 
growth + connection. 
It's a journey of memories, 
dreams for the future, 
and present wholeness. 
Your love story is a legacy.  

Let's me document it
beautifully & genuinely, so you feel free
to be fully immersed  in each moment,
and can cherish & relive
every emotion,
for  all of the years to come.

CAREFREE & wildly in love

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I'm Kay

West coast mama, living on the ocean with my two littles Cohen & Isla, and the love of my life, Darren. (With our two dogs, two cats, and two children - welcome to our zoo.)
My best friends know me as their pal who is always barefoot, smells like campfire, and would rather deep heart chats over small-talk, every time.
I've been a full time photographer for a decade, and I'm passionate about our individual experiences & the stories we have to tell.
No two stories are ever the same, and your photos shouldn't be either.
It lights me up to witness what's most meaningful and unique to you, and to hold space in a way that invites you to be fully yourselves. 

Who I am

as your love story.

photos as unique & meaningful

love stories

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Brandon & Taylor

Sarah & Nick

Matt & Olivia

"Choosing you was the best decision of our wedding"

Every. Single. Photo. Tells a story. You captured the tiny details I was afraid I would miss. So many incredible belly laughs, tears, little looks and hugs between us, our families and between our guests. You managed to be everywhere, and yet you remained in the background. Reliving the day was even more special than we had anticipated. We cried. These photos are everything. We hit the jackpot with you!!

Mark & Steph


"To say we are obsessed is an understatement."

Each photo is a core memory. Every time we look at a new picture we launch into either a fit of giggles, tears, or a 10 minute long story about some chaotic element of the day. To say we are obsessed is an understatement.  Thank you thank you thank you.

Andie & Tanner


"We immediately felt like we were old friends with you."

I will never forget picking you up from the airport walking towards you, and you just gave me the biggest hug. It was like seeing my best friend after a long time apart. Through every step of the process you made us feel wonderful.
On the wedding day, you guided us through the day and I didn't even look at a watch or clock that whole day. You even carried our rings for us. Even our friends and family said it felt like you were part of the family.
We were blown away with our photos. We will cherish them for the rest of our lives. You are  10/10 my friend.
We love you to the moon and back.

Jesse & Sebastian


photos as unique & meaningful as your love story


copyright Kaylyn West, Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada