On the night Matt and Olivia met, Olivia told her friends “I just met my future husband.” & from that first night, they’ve both known they were it for each other.

The idea of a traditional wedding never felt quite right to them, so instead they chose to fly out from their home in Ontario to the west coast and have their DREAM date day in Tofino. When they first reached out to me they didn’t know where, when, or what their day would look like – and together we created a vision for their day that screamed THEM and incorporated the places that feel most meaningful to them: the sea, the mountains, soaking in the present moment, and celebrating with yummy eats & craft beer along the way.

They spent the morning surfing at Cox bay before getting ready together in their airbnb, and heading to Tonquin trails to have their first look in an old growth forest. They read little letters to each other amongst the old pines, and wandered through the ferns. We stopped in at Tofino brewing to celebrate with a flight of beer & some wood-fired pizzas before hopping into a Helicopter with Atleo Air & heading from sea level to alpine for their ceremony. They read their handwritten vows to each other, fingers intertwined, with the mountains at their witness, and took their time soaking in the vast expanse of the mountains meeting the sea. We finished off the evening celebrating, sipping their favourite bevvies, and playfully chasing the waves with sand between their toes. From start to finish, their day was perfectly them and I felt so honoured to have been a part of the celebration of their love.

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